Heavily padded around the top to allow for uppercuts to be thrown, while long enough to enable low kicks.

Water resistant and made using Syntec leather and non-tear nylon lining.


Designed with deep angles for uppercut and boxing drills

Bottom hook is provided to tie the bag to the floor in order to control the swing of bag

When installed properly, can be used for low kicks as well

Target painted for consistent training

Color: Black

Dimensions: 50 cm dia x 137 cm

Approximate weight FILLED: 60 kg

This is a remodeled version of the HB12 heavy bag. The concept with the HB13 is to allow for more uppercut space, which is why it provides a lot more padding around the top.

The HB13 model is constructed using the same Syntec leather and water resistant, non-tear nylon lining that the other Fairtex heavy bags are made of.

The length of the bag allows for low kicks to be worked into your combinations; an important aspect of your training typically neglected with traditional length training bags.

Like the HB12 model, the bag also compliments the Fairtex bowling bag nicely, as the combination of the two bags allows for the optimization of a complete range of strikes.

  • Constructed of Syntek Leather with heavy duty water resistant and non-tear nylon lining with nylon web straps.
  • Multi-purpose designed for punch, high and low kicks, hand and foot jabs, and other drills. Good for both Muay Thai and Boxing.
  • Balance weight and does not move too much during training.
  • Improved design now has an overhanging top section for better training uppercuts.


Comes Filled.